Shadow Rail Connector


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Titan's Shadow Rail Connector lets you attach a 2x4 to a post without any visible fasteners. Connectors are made from durable polycarbonate in Canada.

  • Level Connector - Used to connect a 2x4 to a post on a level surface
  • Stair Connector - Set at 35°, the recommended rise and run ratio for residential stairs. Can be used on stairs that range from 33° to 38°.

Each package contains:

  • 2 connectors (four pieces)
  • Screws: 8 each #10x2"
  • Screws: 2 each #10x1"

Attention: Allow posts to dry and acclimate before cutting 2x4 rails to length. Wet posts will shrink as they dry and can cause the connectors and/or the 2x4s to pull apart.

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