1‑1/2" Reversible Wainscoting Bit

1‑1/2" Reversible Wainscoting Bit

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Freud's Reversible Wainscoting Bit is a fast, easy way to add rail & stile profiled wainscoting to existing wall surfaces. The bit height is set one time for male and female joints without requiring fence or height adjustments. Just route stiles face down and rails face up for a perfect fit. Works with stock from 1/2" to 5/8" thick, and mills matching frame joints with remarkable ease and precision. Use with hand-held or table-mounted routers to cut hardwood, softwood, plywood or composites.

  • Rout beautiful rail & stile wainscoting with a single bit
  • Versatile design: rout a rabbet on the back to add raised panels to the project
  • Routs hardwood, softwood or MDF to produce stain-grade or paint-grade molding
  • Use on hand-held and table-mounted routers
  • Freud Perma-SHIELD® Coating
Ideal For: easily milling rail & stile wainstcoting in 1/2" and 5/8" materials

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